IUIS President’s Address 2019

Dear Presidents of Immunological Societies, Presidents of Federations of Immunological Societies, Colleagues and Friends,

What an honor to serve as the first African and second female President of the IUIS!  I am humbled and applaud your courage and commitment to equity and diversity.

I affirm my resolve to be President for all our constituents, regardless of race, gender, age, social or academic standing. WE are IUIS! Each and every one of us.

I begin my term with thanks, for the opportunity to serve as Vice-President 2016 – 2019. I met and interacted with many of you personally and appreciate the kindness and support you extended to me.  I particularly thank the 2016-2019 Executive Committee led by Alberto Mantovani, the Council, Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs for their dedication and commitment.  I am also thankful for the excellent management support KIT provides.

I am also grateful to the Chinese Society of Immunology and Xuetao Cao for the extra-ordinary hospitality extended to us at the just concluded 17th International Congress of Immunology in Beijing!  Rich culture… Excellent science… No pressure on Cape Town for  the 18th Congress!

As we look ahead to 2019-2022, my agenda is simple and straight.  Let’s make these the best years yet of the IUIS, by striving for Excellence in Immunology. This is the common thread that unites us.  “Immunology without Borders”.  As we do this, let us keep the following points at the forefront of our minds.

  • Equity in Gender and Diversity: Including everyone makes us stronger
  • Building Immunologists: Train and support upcoming scientists, Leave a Legacy
  • Community Resources: Share Tools, Knowledge & Knowhow…No WoMan is an Island
  • Advocacy: Speak up for What is Right; e.g. #VaccinesWork; Embrace Social Media
  • Frontiers in Immunology
    • This is the Official Journal of the IUIS
    • Edit A Research Topic, Support the IUIS


Yours Sincerely,

Faith Osier
IUIS President