IEI Relationship with IUIS

January 1, 2017Inborn Errors of Immunity Committee (IEI)

The IEI committee liaises with the following IUIS committees:

  • IUIS Committee on Clinical Immunology – particularly in relation to diagnostic criteria and availability of new therapies – Liaison -Mary Ellen Conley
  • IUIS Committee on Education – advertisement of schools for young investigators run by European Society for Immune Deficiencies (winter, spring and summer schools), US Clinical Immunology Society, Latin American Group for Immune Deficiencies and the S Asia Pacific group; facilitation of exchange of students from different regions; to encourage new groups such as the Federation of African Immunological Societies to establish similar educational opportunities for IEIs
  • IUIS Committee on Quality Assessment and Standardization – particularly in relation to QA for diagnostic procedures in IEIs, such as test immunization responses.

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