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March 13, 2020Quality Assessment and Standardization Committee (QAS)

International Consensus on ANA Patterns (ICAP) available online in 13 languages

Autoantibodies are valuable biomarkers for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases and the indirect immunofluorescence assay on HEp-2 cells (HEp-2 IFA), commonly known as antinuclear antibody (ANA) test, is used worldwide in the screening for autoantibodies. 

ICAP is an initiative of the Autoantibody Standardization Committee (ASC), a subcommittee of the IUIS Quality Assessment and Standardization Committee. Since 2014, ICAP has held five itinerant workshops in different continents with the participation of international specialists on autoantibody testing. 

With over 180,000 views from users from 183 countries, ICAP website provides the consensus classification of 30 relevant HEp-2 IFA patterns with illustrative images and detailed information on the immunological and clinical relevance of each pattern. ICAP website is easy to navigate and has useful information for clinicians, laboratory analysts and students in general. Its content is available in 13 languages, with a few more in the pipeline. In addition to its online interactive mode, the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) facility allows direct interaction between users and the ICAP specialists.

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