ICLAS-CALAS Scholarship Award for Young Investigators in Laboratory Animal Science

July 16, 2018

The Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences (CALAS) offers an annual award for 10 young investigators (age 35 or less) to attend the 14th Scientific Conference of the Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences, October 10th-12th, 2018 in Qingdao, China.

The award includes the CALAS Conference registration fee and lodging, and includes a sum of RMB10000 (about €1300) toward airfare within Asia and will consider additional amount for candidates from other regions on a-case-by-case basis. The CALAS Conference is held for 3 days on October, each year in a different city in China. Meeting languages are Chinese and English, with translation available during scientific meeting sessions.  The intent of the awards is to encourage young researchers in laboratory animal science and medicine, to provide them opportunity to share their work, to make new connections with others in the field, to promote academic exchange, and to learn from others. Information about CALAS may be found at http://calas.org.cn


Criteria to qualify for the award include:

– Publication as first author or corresponding author of an article relating to laboratory animal science or medicine in a peer-reviewed journal with the past 2 years
– Age 35 or less
– Willing to present a talk related to the topic of the published article at the CALAS Conference
– Must be from an ICLAS member nation, or a member of an ICLAS Scientific, Union, or Institutional member* 

Each year, up to 10 awards will be given.  Funding for the awards is provided by CALAS.  The judging panel that will select the awardees will be members from the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (www.iclas.org) and CALAS experts. Selection decisions will be based on: meeting the award criteria, a review of the published applicant’s work, as well as a short paragraph of 100 words or less written by the applicant (in English or Chinese) describing the reasons the applicant wishes to attend the CALAS Conference. Information about the CALAS Conference may be found at http://www.calas.org.cn

A call for applicants will be made in July each year.

Applications are due by August 9 and should be sent to inter-youth@calas.org.cn.
Notification of awards will be made by August 31, and awardees must confirm acceptance by September 15.

INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN THE APPLICATION and sent to inter-youth@calas.org.cn

1. Brief curriculum vitae, including:

a. reference for at least one publication as first or corresponding author.
b. birthdate of the applicant
c. nationality
d. email address
2. A description in 100 words or less of why you wish to attend the CALAS Conference.
3. If the applicant is from an ICLAS national, scientific, or institutional member, list the name of that member. A list of ICLAS members may be found at http://iclas.org/members/member-list

* NOTE: if the applicant is not affiliated with an ICLAS member (http://iclas.org/members), part of the award fee must be used to initiate membership in ICLAS for the applicant’s institution or scientific association; in this case, an ICLAS membership application may be found at http://iclas.org/members/membership-registration

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