two-year position offer: Immunology Expert

January 11, 2018

IRCCS ISMETT is issuing a call for applications to select candidates for the following fixed-term position:

1 Immunology Expert (Ref. IMM/18 TD)

Under the supervision of the Director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Advanced Biotechnologies, or of the person identified by the latter, the Immunology Expert carries out experimental and clinical research in the field of immunology aimed at studying the mechanisms involved in innate and adaptive immune response mediated by cells and/or soluble molecules; studies the role of immune-mediated mechanisms in the pathophysiology of end-stage organ diseases, transplant histocompatibility, tolerance, rejection, and infectious processes; and develops cellular immunotherapy protocols to treat and/or prevent infectious and cancer diseases, and organ rejection. The position consists in a two-year contract and provides for an initial evaluation for admission and periodical evaluations. The Immunology Expert also conducts research in experimental and clinical immunology, with a role in line with his/her demonstrated technical and scientific levels, aimed at drafting scientific papers, protocols and products for experimental and clinical application, and research projects.




All candidates are expected to possess the following requisites at the time of their application:

  • University degree in Biological Sciences, Biotechnologies, Pharmacy, or equivalent title recognized in Italy. University degree score requested.
  • Ph.D. in immunology-related subjects (as stated by the subject of the candidate’s doctoral thesis).
  • At least three consecutive years of documented post-doctoral experience in national and/or international research laboratories.
  • At least five scientific articles as first/last/corresponding author published on scientific journals, with an impact factor and peer-review evaluation system.
  • H-index equal to or higher than 8

Preferred qualifications

  • Postgraduate school relevant to the position.
  • Master’s degree relevant to the position.
  • At least two years of documented experience in international research laboratories, primarily with an immunology focus.
  • Documented continuing research in immunology.
  • Documented experience in drafting scientific projects aimed at accessing grants from national and international institutions, possibly as Principal Investigator.
  • Ability to train staff and manage experimental research groups.
  • Knowledge of the methodologies associated with the development of advanced therapies.
  • Patent ownership.

The ideal candidate has

  • In-depth knowledge of laboratory techniques to study innate and adaptive cellular and humoral immunology.
  • Experience of multidisciplinary research in the various areas of biomedical research (cell biology, molecular biology, and experimental pathology)
  • Appropriate theoretical and hands-on knowledge of the current experimental laboratory techniques, including animal testing for in vivo proof-of-concept validation.
  • Ability to statistically process and represent experimental data, and knowledge of the main computer applications.
  • Continuous professional update of the theoretical, hands-on, and technical knowledge to maintain a state-of-the-art and competitive research status.
  • High level of proficiency in spoken and written English.

The ideal candidate has a strong interest and motivation towards scientific and research activities, has a proactive and innovative approach in the management and organization of laboratory activities, and available to conduct continuing education programs and travel in Italy and abroad for training and scientific collaborations.

Good problem-solving skills, orientation toward results, stress management, teamwork and staff training skills are instrumental to the role.

Only applicants not in the conditions defined by paragraph 16-ter, art.53 of Legislative Decree 165/2001 and subsequent modifications and amendments can participate in this selection (General Rules Governing the Work of Public Administrations –


The workplace is Palermo.

Additional information on this call for applications will be posted in the “Job Opportunities” section of  

The date and location of the tests and/or interviews will be promptly published on the abovementioned website. It will be the responsibility of the candidates to check the website to access this information. Candidates failing to appear for the tests and/or interviews on the scheduled day, at the scheduled time and location, will be excluded from the selection whatever the cause of their absence, even if beyond their control, and due to causes not ascribable to them.

IRCCS ISMETT reserves any and wider sole right of discretion in assessing the qualifications held by candidates and the suitability of each candidate to cover the position of this call for applications.  

After reading the privacy statement and authorizing the processing of their personal data, candidates of either sex (Legislative decree 196/2003) are requested to submit their on-line application stating the reference code at When filling out the online application candidates must attach their CV in Italian and in English and a list of the scientific publications. At the end of the on-line process, applicants will be requested to state, by means of self-declaration, that they possess the requirements listed under this call for applications.  

The deadline to submit the applications is February 12th 2018

Please note that only applications submitted on-line ( will be taken into consideration.

Selection records are confidential documents for internal use only, and may not be disclosed.

All applicants are obliged, at any time during the selection process, and if requested by IRCCS ISMETT, to provide the documentation certifying the stated possession of the requisites within the requested deadline. Should any preliminary verification show a discrepancy with any statement of the applicant, the latter will be excluded from the selection process and any negotiation deemed permanently suspended.  

IRCCS ISMETT reserves the right to revoke this selection if the reasons which led the company to start this process no longer exist, or due to technical, organizational or financial reasons, which would make this selection no longer compliant with the company’s interests.

Personal data included in the CV will be processed by IRCCS ISMETT and UPMC Italy or by associated companies for selections for this or other similar positions. Candidates are requested to not include sensitive data (e.g. health status) unless this is strictly necessary. Detailed information on data storage times and rights recognized under Decree 196/2003 are available at and in the “Job Opportunities” section.

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