XI International Workshop on Lung Health

Thursday 18th January 2024

The “concept” of the International Workshop on Lung Health started during a Consensus Conference held in Monaco on 7 – 8 January 2013. During this Consensus a group of high level specialists in Respiratory Medicine, representing different branches of the discipline, agreed on the need to create a dynamic educational Workshop where interactivity and exchange was paramount keeping a relaxed but at the same time highly scientific environment.Every year focused on the “hot topic(s)” of the moment chosen following the attendees‘ suggestions the Workshop is the perfect environment to get updates, acquire new knowledge, learn new approaches and discover new insights to immediately applicable in daily clinical practice.The format is targeted for Specialists in Respiratory Medicine, Allergology, Immunology and Internal Medicine, but also other specialists as well as trained nurses can benefit from the active learning structure of the workshop.

Every personal experience is enriched by the exchange between generations, different cultures, clinical approaches and various national health systems and some of the valuable relationships occurred during the conference last over years.Experience and knowledge are exploited in an international environment helping the young generation take off : initiatives as the “Rising Stars” and the “Future Leaders’ Mentoring Programme” help young researchers and clinicians having a chance to boost their career.Daring wisely is the challenge of the workshop transforming itself and evolving with the progress of knowledge, practice and tools remaining always open to ideas, new approaches and challenging controversial discussions.

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