Immunoglobulins (IG), T cell Receptors (TR) and Major Histocompatibility (MH) Nomenclature Sub-Committee


Felix Breden (Canada), 2013

John Hammond (UK), 2020


  • Eva Bengtén (USA) 2006
  • Salvatrice Ciccarese (Italy) 2007
  • Deborah Dunn‐Walters (UK) 2006
  • Jean‐Pol Frippiat (France) 2006
  • Véronique Giudicelli (France) 2014
  • Sofia Kossida (France) 2014
  • Ramit Mehr (Israel) 2017
  • Serge Muyldermans (Belgium) 2006
  • John Schwartz (UK) 2020
  • Jamie Scott (Canada) 2013
  • Corey T. Watson (USA) 2013

The IG/TR/MH Sub-committee adopted Terms of Reference in Spring 2022 outlining a democratic and transparent governance structure.  The following description of the Sub-committee’s goals, structure, and processes will be revised over the next several months as it responds to changes in the quantity and types of data available for understanding IG and TR germline gene polymorphisms, and as the Sub-committee strives to best serve the immunogenetics community.


In continuing the pioneering work of Dr. Marie-Paule Lefranc, the IG/TR/MH Nomenclature Sub-committee is responsible for validating, approving, and assigning names to newly discovered immunoglobulin (IG) and T-cell receptor (TR) germline genes and non-human MHC genes (MH), following the principles of the IMGT™ information system insofar as possible. This Sub-committee is also responsible for coordinating the biocuration of these genes in the appropriate germline gene databases. 


The IG/TR/MH Nomenclature Sub-committee will practice in its governance and its partnerships:

  • Excellence and professionalism
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Innovation and sustainability

Terms of Reference

Click here to access the terms of reference for this Sub-committee

Reports to IUIS.

You will find information about the history of the Sub-Committee since its creation and annual reports through the 17th International Congress of Immunology in 2019 here:

IUIS NOM Immunoglobulins (IG), T cell Receptors (TR) and Major Histocompatibility (MH) Nomenclature Sub-committee (IMGT-NC)

2020-2021 Sub-committee Report

2022 Sub-committee Report

IUIS NOM IMGT-NC report table 2017-2022

TR-IG Review Committee (formerly IMGT-NC Reports Review Committee)


The TR-IG Review Committee was established by the IUIS IG/TR/MH Nomenclature Sub-Committee. It evaluates, names, and reports new germline genes encoding immunoglobulins (IG) and T-cell receptors (TR). This function was previously performed by the IMGT-NC Reports Review Committee, which was replaced by an elected body in October 2022 and was renamed as the TR-IG Review Committee in March 2023. TR-IG has been tasked with developing methods and procedures for reviewing new TR and IG genes for inclusion in databases.


Andrew Collins  (University of New South Wales; webpage) 2022

Elisa Rosati Scalchi (GSK; Linkedin) 2022

Corey Watson  (University of Louisville; webpage) 2022

Henk-Jan van den Ham (ENPICOM;LinkedIn) 2022

Luc Teyton (Scripps Research; webpage) 2022

Yana Safonova (Johns Hopkins; webpage) 2022

Contact: info@iuis with subject line “Attention TR-IG Review Committee”

Germline gene submission for review and approval:

Scientists submit sequences for new IG and TR variable (V), diversity (D), joining (J) and constant (C) genes and alleles to the TR-IG Review Committee. Working with the submitters, members of this Review Committee review and approve sequences and names, based on specific data-driven criteria and review processes. Validated IG and TR germline gene sequences and their names are passed to partner databases for curation and inclusion in germline gene/allele sets.

Note: The appropriate procedures and submission forms are currently being developed. Please contact us if you would like to submit sequences for review and approval.

Click here for a description of the current submission procedure.

Inferred Allele Review Committee

IG and TR germline V gene sequences can also be deduced from next-generation sequencing data from a B- or T-cell receptor repertoire. The Inferred Allele Review Committee (IARC) is a committee of the Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire (AIRR) Community Committee of The Antibody Society whose mission is to validate human IG and TR germline V gene allelic sequences that have been inferred from next-generation sequencing data. Criteria required for an inferred V allele to be considered for validation include (1) deposition of the repertoire from which the inference was made in the NCBI or ENA and in a peer-reviewed publication, (2) the complete V coding region, (3) inferences made with a validated and publicly available tool published in a peer-reviewed publication. Working with the IMGT-NC Reports Review Committee, validated gene sequences are named and added to the IMGT-NC Report.

Guidelines for submitting inferred allele sequences to the IARC can be found here.

Mats Ohlin (Sweden), Chair


Current public databases containing IG and TR germline-gene sequences and reference sets.