Big Data for Immunology Sub-committee

Its objectives/aims/mission is to:

  • promote standardization and/or interoperability of existing and newly generated BDI following FAIR principles and utilizing currently accepted ontologies where available.
  • support the free and public availability of data and associated metadata following FAIR principles.
  • develop open-source and freely available tools, pipelines and repositories following FAIR principles.

The composition of the BDI SC must:

  • include representation from scientists who expertise encompasses different types of “big data” relevant to immunology, including systems immunology (e.g., bioinformaticians, immunologists, clinicians, epidemiologists, ethics/policy/legal experts).
  • ensure a diversity of perspectives from across the world; viz., representation by persons of diverse gender, race, ethnicity, nationality and national income level.

The BDI SC will implement its goals by:

  • establishing, integrating with, and/or promoting Working Groups involved in standardization of different types of BDI and their analysis, storage, sharing, and where appropriate, establishing, integrating with, and/or promoting Review Groups for maintaining those norms;
  • developing recommendations on policies for universal standards to be implemented by national and international agencies, including funding agencies and journals.
  • surveying IUIS member societies and other relevant entities for their interest in, concerns about, and priorities for BDI and their standardization;
  • supporting training in BDI-related topics, especially in low-resource settings. 
  • collaborating/integrating with other entities that share similar objectives (e.g., goFAIR; the Research Data Alliance (RDA); and
  • partnering with IUIS-affiliated Societies, governments, international agencies, and other entities to educate and promote the BDI’s recommendations on standards. 

See here the Terms of Reference for a description of this Sub-Committee’s governance.


Christian Busse, MD, PhD
German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Jamie Scott, MD, PhD
Simon Fraser University, Canada


Felix Breden, PhD – Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dharshan De Silva, PhD – General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University

Helder Nakaya, PhD – Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil

Bjoern Peters, PhD – La Jolla Institute for Immunology, USA