General Assembly

4.2.1. The General Assembly shall consist of the officers of the Union and of delegates appointed by the Regular Members, Regional Federations and International Affiliate Members, and the Standing Committees (See Article 4. of the IUIS Constitution for the G.A. terms of jurisdiction, membership, office, meetings and voting).

The IUIS Executive Committee has set the following guidelines for General Assembly delegates:

  • Each vote is a representative vote, e.g. a delegate will vote on behalf of an IUIS body, e.g. office, committee or member
    (see 4.2.1. of the IUIS constitution, also noted above)
  • One person may make a representative vote on behalf of one or more IUIS bodies
  • Each IUIS member may chose whomever they deem appropriate to represent their organization as a delegate

The most recent elections were held during the 16th IUIS General Assembly (Sunday, 21. Aug 2016).

IUIS Executive Committee officers elected for 2016-2019

  • Vice-President –  Faith Osier
  • Secretary-General – Roslyn Kemp
  • Treasurer – Michael Ratcliffe

IUIS 2016-2019 Council Members

Voting Delegates

Regular Member Society (GA) Representatives

Last NameFirst NameSociety
PremawansaSunilAllergy & Immunology Society of Sri Lanka
FrelingerJeffrey A.American Association of Immunologists
HavranWendyAmerican Association of Immunologists
HoganMicheleAmerican Association of Immunologists
LitzingerMaryAmerican Association of Immunologists
SanjuanMauricio SarrazolaAsociacion Colombiana de Alergia, Asma e Inmunologia
Good-JacobsonKimAustralasian Society for Immunology
HeinzelSusanneAustralasian Society for Immunology
BaxterAlan G.Australasian Society for Immunology
PicklWinfriedAustrian Society for Allergology & Immunology
StockingerHannesAustrian Society for Allergology & Immunology
Wiederman-SchmidtUrsulaAustrian Society for Allergology & Immunology 
BraunMichelBelgian Immunological Society
Del Rosario Manzur SoriaMariaBolivian Society of Immunology – SOBOIN
de FariaAna Maria CaetanoBrazilian Society for Immunology
Dario SimõesBrazilian Society for Immunology
EntricanGaryBritish Society for Immunology
MillingSimonBritish Society for Immunology
GrigoriadouSofiaBritish Society for Immunology
RuddChristopherBritish Society for Immunology /
Imunotherapy Committee
OstergaardHanneCanadian Society for Immunology
GordonJohnCanadian Society for Immunology
BoHuangChinese Society for Immunology
ChuYiweiChinese Society for Immunology
GaoYangChinese Society for Immunology
TianZhigangChinese Society for Immunology
ChenYi-HsingChinese Society for Immunology (Taiwan)
HsuPing-NingChinese Society for Immunology (Taiwan)
LueKo-HuanChinese Society for Immunology (Taiwan)
PerezOliverCuban Society for Immunology
Ramos PupoRaúlCuban Society for Immunology
HrdyJiriCzech Immunological Society
SedivaAnnaCzech Immunological Society
de Vries Jolanda Dutch Society for Immunology
Heemskerk Mirjam Dutch Society for Immunology
van HamMarieke Dutch Society for Immunology
EdwardDutch Society for Immunology
PetersonPärtEstonian Society for Immunology & Allergology
GroßOlafGerman Society for Immunology
WienandsJürgenGerman Society for Immunology
WildnerGerhildGerman Society for Immunology
SchmidtReinholdGerman Society for Immunology /
Clinical Immunology Committee
ZhiweiChenHong Kong Society for Immunology 
ProhaszkaZoltanHungarian Society of Immunology
BaloghPeterHungarian Society of Immunology
JamboKondwaniImmunology Society of Malawi
Čurin ŠerbecVladkaImmunology Society of Slovenia
AroraSunilIndian Immunology Society
DasNibhritiIndian Immunology Society
KangaUmaIndian Immunology Society
LysaghtJoanneIrish Society for Immunology
ArielAmiramIsraeli Society for Immunology
Barda-SaadMiraIsraeli Society for Immunology
Angela Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology
MarcoItalian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology
FrancescoItalian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology
KoyasuShigeoJapanese Society for Immunology
TakahamaYousukeJapanese Society for Immunology
TakaokaAkinoriJapanese Society for Immunology
TakedaKiyoshiJapanese Society for Immunology
JunChang-DukKorean Association of Immunologists
KimSang-HyunKorean Association of Immunologists
LeeKyung-MiKorean Association of Immunologists
GerulaNatālijaLatvian Immunological Society
EidukaiteAudroneLithuanian Society for Immunology
RogelioMexican Society for Immunology
Enciso-MorenoJosé A. Mexican Society for Immunology
Polish Society of Immunology
LisowskaKatarzynaPolish Society of Immunology
AppelSilkeScandinavian Society for Immunology
SverremarkEvaScandinavian Society for Immunology
OwensTrevorScandinavian Society for Immunology
JarvaHannaScandinavian Society for Immunology
DieyeAliouneSenegalese Society of Immunology
PuanKia JooSingaporean Society for Immunology
JahnováEvaSlovakian Society of Immunology
MaccioniMarianaSociedad Argentina de Inmunologia
ZwirnerNorbertoSociedad Argentina de Inmunologia
GraçaLuísSociedade Portuguesa de Imunologia
PaulSociété Française d’Immunologie
Société Française d’Immunologie
Société Française d’Immunologie
YsselHansSociété Française d’Immunologie
BenbouzidAbdelkrimSociété Marocaine d’Immunologie
GrayCliveSouth African Immunology Society
África Gonzalez
Spanish Society for Immunology
CáceresEva MartinezSpanish Society for Immunology
HijonCarmen Camara
Spanish Society for Immunology / 
Nomenclature Committee
BoymanOnurSwiss Society for Allergology and Immunology
SallustoFedericaSwiss Society for Allergology and Immunology
PalagaTanapatThe Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Association of Thailand
BarboucheMohamed-RidhaTunisian Society of Immunology
OralBarbarosTurkish Society of Immunology
Saruhan Direskeneli
GuherTurkish Society of Immunology
P. KaidashevIgorUkrainian Society of Specialists in Immunology & Allergology
Uruguayan Society of Immunology

Regional Federation Representatives

ALAI President

Dr. Oliver Pérez
Instituto de Ciencias Básicas y 
Preclínicas “Victoria de Girón”
Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de la Habana 
146 and 31, Playa, Havana, PC 11300, Cuba

Tel.:+53 72715135

EFIS President

René A.W. van Lier
Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation
Plesmanlaan 125
1066 CX Amsterdam


FAIS President

Henry C Mwandumba (Malawi) 
MBChB (Hons), FRCP, DTM and H,PhD
Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellow & Clinical Senior Lecturer
Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Reserach Programme

Tel: +265 1 876 444 / +265 1 875 774
Fax: +265 1 873 871

FIMSA President

Shigeo Koyasu
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Keio University School of Medicine
35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160-8582, JAPAN

Tel:   +81 3 5363 3768
Fax:   +81 3 5361 7658