General Assembly

4.2.1. The General Assembly shall consist of the officers of the Union and of delegates appointed by the Regular Members, Regional Federations and International Affiliate Members, and the Standing Committees (See Article 4. of the IUIS Constitution for the G.A. terms of jurisdiction, membership, office, meetings and voting).

The IUIS Executive Committee has set the following guidelines for General Assembly delegates.

The previous officer and council members elections were held during the 16th IUIS General Assembly (Sunday, 21. Aug 2016).

IUIS Executive Committee officers elected for 2016-2019

  • Vice-President –  Faith Osier
  • Secretary-General – Roslyn Kemp
  • Treasurer – Michael Ratcliffe

IUIS 2016-2019 Council Members


Stakeholder Categories for Voting Delegates

Regular Member Society (GA) Representatives

Last NameFirst NameSociety
DjenouhatKamel Algerian Association of Immunology
  Algerian Association of Immunology
TrevaniAnalía Sociedad Argentina de Inmunologia
MalchiodiEmilio Sociedad Argentina de Inmunologia
  Armenian Ass. for Molecular &Cellular Biology & Immunology
  Armenian Ass. for Molecular &Cellular Biology & Immunology
FarzanehKordbachehAustralian and New Zealand Society for Immunology
HeinzelSusanneAustralian and New Zealand Society for Immunology
Alejandro LopezAustralian and New Zealand Society for Immunology
van ZelmMennoAustralian and New Zealand Society for Immunology
Pickl Winfried Austrian Society for Allergology & Immunology
Wiedermann-Schmidt Ursula Austrian Society for Allergology & Immunology
Stockinger Hannes Austrian Society for Allergology & Immunology
  Belgian Immunological Society
ZhuJingjing Belgian Immunological Society
GuzmánJosé MiguelBolivian Society of Immunology – SOBOIN
MutevelicSelma Society of Clinical Immunologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina
de Faria Ana Maria Caetano Sociedade Brasileira de Imunologia
ZamboniDario Simões Sociedade Brasileira de Imunologia
AlexandrovaRadostina IvaylovaBulgarian Society of Immunology
  Cameroon Immunology Society
Ostergaard Hanne Canadian Society for Immunology
PflückerJC ZúñigaCanadian Society for Immunology
BonoMarìa RosaAsociación Chilena de Inmunología, ASOCHIN
BoHuangChinese Society for Immunology
ChuYiweiChinese Society for Immunology
QinXiaofengChinese Society for Immunology
TianZhigangChinese Society for Immunology
Fernando GarciaLuisAsociacion Colombiana de Alergia, Asma e Inmunologia
CaraballoLuisAsociacion Colombiana de Alergia, Asma e Inmunologia
  Democratic Republic of Congo Immunology Society
YapoCrezoitSociety of Clinical and Biological Immunology of Côte d’Ivoire
Jonjić StipanCroatian Immunological Society
CrombetTaniaCuban Society for Immunology
Ramos PupoRaúlCuban Society for Immunology
StřížIlja Czech Immunological Society
RaškaMilan Czech Immunological Society
  Egyptian Association of Immunology
PetersonPärtEstonian Society for Immunology & Allergolology
OwensTrevor Scandinavian Society for Immunology
AppelSilke Scandinavian Society for Immunology
MeriSeppoScandinavian Society for Immunology
GreiffVictorScandinavian Society for Immunology
MoinsHélène Société Francaise d’Immunologie
VivierEric Société Francaise d’Immunologie
MonteiroRenato Société Francaise d’Immunologie
Josien RégisSociété Francaise d’Immunologie
  Gambia Immunology Society
Sepiashvili Revaz Georgian Association of Allergology & Clin. Immunology
SparwasserTimDeutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie
KabelitzDieter Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie
KamradtThomasDeutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie
SchmidtReinholdDeutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie
TsirogianniAlexandraHellenic Society of Immunology
SarantopoulosAlexandros Hellenic Society of Immunology
ZhiweiChenHong Kong Society for Immunology
MocsaiAttilaHungarian Society of Immunology
 ErdeiAnna Hungarian Society of Immunology
AwasthiAmitIndian Immunology Society
Sunil KAroraIndian Immunology Society
RaiGeetaIndian Immunology Society
Mesdaghi Mehrnaz Iranian Society for Immunology
MacsharryJohnIrish Society for Immunology
LiamFanningIrish Society for Immunology
ArielAmiramIsraeli Society for Immunology
Barda-SaadMiraIsraeli Society for Immunology
Santoni Angela Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology & Allergology
GarlandoaCeciliaItalian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology & Allergology
Cassatella Marco Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology & Allergology
Takeuchi Osamu Japanese Society for Immunology
MoroKazuyoJapanese Society for Immunology
IshiiKenJapanese Society for Immunology
TakedaKiyoshi Japanese Society for Immunology
IspayevaZhanatKazakhstan Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology
  Kenya Society of Immunology – KSI
  Kenya Society of Immunology – KSI
KimSang-HyunKorean Association of Immunologists
LeeKyung-MiKorean Association of Immunologists
Korean Association of Immunologists
Neziri AhmetajLuljeta Kosovo Allergy Asthma and Immunology Association
GerulaNatālijaLatvian Immunological Society
Audrone EidukaiteLithuanian Society of Immunology
tbctbcSociété Luxembourgeoise d’Allergologie et d’Immunologie
Jambo Kondwani Immunology Society of Malawi
  Societé Malienne d’Immunologie
Pelayo CamachoRosana Sociedad Mexicana de Inmunologia
Enciso MorenoAntonio Sociedad Mexicana de Inmunologia
GavranovicMarijaImmunological society of Montenegro
BenbouzidAbdelkrimSociété Marocaine d’Immunologie
MeyaardLindeNederlandse Vereniging voor Immunologie
van KooykYvetteNederlandse Vereniging voor Immunologie
Boes     MarianneNederlandse Vereniging voor Immunologie
Van LierRenéNederlandse Vereniging voor Immunologie
  Nigeria Society for Immunology
  Immunology Association – Papua New Guinea
MartínezZhelia Paraguayan Society of Immunology
GalvanCesar Peruvian Society of Immunology
  Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
  Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
BaranJaroslaw Polish Society of Immunology
Polish Society of Immunology
GraçaLuísSociedade Portuguesa de Imunologia
  Societatea Nationala de Imunologie – Romania
ChereshnevValeryRussian Society of Immunology
TuzankinaIrinaRussian Society of Immunology
NiangMaguette SyllaSenegalese Society of Immunology
MirkovIvanaImmunological Society of Serbia
  Immunological Society of Serbia
Gascoigne Nicholas Robert JohnSingaporean Society for Immunology
JahnováEvaSlovakian Society of Immunology
  Slovakian Society of Immunology
Čurin Šerbec Vladka Immunology Society of Slovenia
Kgoadi Khanyisile South African Society of Immunology
FernandezÁfrica GonzalezSociedad Española de Inmunologia
RocamoraPablo EngelSociedad Española de Inmunologia
CáceresEva Martinez Sociedad Española de Inmunologia
PremawansaSunilAllergy & Immunology Society of Sri Lanka
BoymanOnurSchweizer Gesellschaft für Allergologie & Immunologie
PiccoliLucaSchweizer Gesellschaft für Allergologie & Immunologie
LeeChien-KuoChinese Society of Immunology,  located in Taipei. (Taiwan)
KuCheng-LungChinese Society of Immunology,  located in Taipei. (Taiwan)
HsiehShie-LiangChinese Society of Immunology,  located in Taipei. (Taiwan)
 Tanzania Immunology Society
PalagaTanapatThe Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Association of Thailand (AAIAT)
GatiAsma Tunisian Society of Immunology
DenizGunnurTurkish Society of Immunology
GürelIhsan Turkish Society of Immunology
GürelMaydaTurkish Society of Immunology
P. KaidashevIgorUkrainian Society of Specialists in Immunology & Allergology
EntricanGaryBritish Society for Immunology
AkbarArneBritish Society for Immunology
AgerAnnBritish Society for Immunology
MauriClaudiaBritish Society for Immunology
BishopGail A.American Association of Immunologists
YokoyamaWayne M.American Association of Immunologists
SullivanKathleen E.American Association of Immunologists
  American Association of Immunologists
ChabalgoityAlejandro Uruguayan Society of Immunology
  Sociedad Venezolana de Alergia e Inmunologia
  Sociedad Venezolana de Alergia e Inmunologia
  Zimbabwe Society of Immunology

Regional Federation Representatives

ALAI President

Dr. Oliver Pérez
Instituto de Ciencias Básicas y 
Preclínicas “Victoria de Girón”
Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de la Habana 
146 and 31, Playa, Havana, PC 11300, Cuba

Tel.:+53 72715135

EFIS President

Andreas Radbruch
Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum Berlin (DRFZ)
Charitéplatz 1,
10117 Berlin, Germany


FAIS President

Henry C Mwandumba (Malawi) 
MBChB (Hons), FRCP, DTM and H,PhD
Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellow & Clinical Senior Lecturer
Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Reserach Programme

Tel: +265 1 876 444 / +265 1 875 774
Fax: +265 1 873 871

FIMSA President

Laura Mackay
Peter Doherty for Infection and Immunity
University of Melbourne
Victoria, 3000, Australia